Places to visit in Oman

Oman offers diverse experiences, from the nomadic Bedouin life in the Wahiba Sands to the Portuguese-influenced architecture in Muscat and the rugged peaks of Jebel Akhdar Mountains. Our specialists have explored Oman's main attractions and hidden gems to help you plan your trip.

In Nizwa, history comes to life with its 17th-century fort and bustling souqs. Along the coast, the Musandam Peninsula invites exploration by dhow, with clear waters and secluded coves for snorkeling. The Wahiba Sands provide the opportunity to visit Bedouin homes and camp beneath the stars.

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Popular places to visit in Oman

Immerse yourself in the heart of our meticulously crafted itinerary concepts for exploring places in Oman. These handpicked gems resonate with our travelers, showcasing perennial favorites. Your voyage can artfully weave through these cherished destinations, designed to harmonize with your distinct preferences and desires.

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