Best place to visit in March 2024/2025
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Best place to visit in March 2024/2025

While we anxiously await the arrival of spring with its green shoots and warm sunshine in the west, March tends to linger with its damp and chilly embrace. Drawing from our own wanderings and extensive network of connections, we've curated our top recommendations for March getaways.

In the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, spring takes an early bow. In the western reaches of Bhutan, the air feels crisp, and life erupts in a vibrant display; vivid rhododendrons burst into bloom, while violets and orchids carpet the landscape. We wholeheartedly endorse this season for experiencing Bhutan's rejuvenating and invigorating ambiance, well ahead of the pre-monsoon showers that typically arrive in June.

On Sri Lanka's bustling west coast, the tourist throngs begin to thin, yet the weather remains warm and beachside enjoyment is in full swing. In the central plateau, the Maha monsoon will have bid adieu by March, making it a splendid time to explore the ancient cities of Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa. Embarking on a grand three-week sojourn through Sri Lanka offers an opportunity to traverse the entire island, weaving together a captivating wildlife adventure – imagine Tarzan's Sri Lankan escapade resembling something quite like this! Further north, March unfolds as an ideal window for venturing into Rajasthan, North India's captivating state, and exploring some of the region's most magnificent monasteries and temples. If you seek a renaissance of unparalleled proportions, we recommend indulging in a week-long retreat at Vana, India's ultimate wellness sanctuary.

The Golden Land of Burma shines resplendently during this time, making it our favored season to explore its treasures. As the hot season sets in, temperatures rise, but you can bask in the cultural riches with fewer fellow travelers. We've meticulously crafted the ultimate luxury tour of Burma, weaving together the finest luxury accommodations and most exclusive experiences. Alternatively, the unspoiled islands of the Mergui archipelago beckon, boasting warm, sunny days and calmer winds, rendering March as one of the best months for diving and snorkeling in crystal-clear waters.

March ushers in the prime time for traversing the length and breadth of Vietnam. The once-persistent humidity retreats, yielding to radiant sunshine. Southern beaches bask in perfection, while the northern mountains invite trekkers with optimal weather. Furthermore, it's shoulder season, meaning you can experience more of Vietnam's wonders for less. Immerse yourself in Vietnam's cultural heart, drift along the tranquil Mekong, or embark on a culinary adventure, savoring the nation's delectable delights.

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