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Colorful, bustling bazaars, rugged desert landscapes, crusader castles, breathtaking ruins of great civilizations, and the grace of some of the world’s most hospitable people — all this and more combine to make luxury travel in Lebanon a truly remarkable experience. Our team’s knowledge and expertise provide you with an insider’s look into this less-traveled region during your Lebanon vacation.
 These ancient lands, which have captivated pilgrims and travelers for centuries, will exceed even the most discerning traveler’s expectations.

Lebanon and its neighbors, Syria and Jordan, are regarded as the “Cradle of Civilization” and are undergoing remarkable political and historical transformations. During your Lebanon tour, witness Beirut, emerging from its war-torn past, once again reclaiming its place as the “Paris of the Near East.” Our Lebanon tours will transport you to Beirut’s glamorous streets, where chic galleries and cosmopolitan open-air bars rub elbows with buzzing souks and gritty (read: tasty) food stalls. And let’s not forget the importance of where you stay during your Lebanon tour. We know this en vogue city’s hotels well — from the charming 10-room boutique property to the spectacular luxury modern hotel — and we’ll recommend the perfect place to stay on your luxury Lebanon vacation.

Venture outside of Beirut on your tour of Lebanon and you will be further enchanted by its historic and geographic wonders. Explore the Jeita Grotto cave labyrinth, home to the longest stalactite in the world. Trek in the Chouf Mountains and meet the Druze population that lives there, or head to the Cedars Nature Reserve, proudly packed with Lebanon’s spectacular cedar trees, reminiscent of ancient times when cedars thrived throughout the country. Observe the centuries-old tradition of hauling grapes from the vineyards of Bekaa Valley (with a glass of red in hand), and don’t forget a stop in Baalbek on your private luxury tour in Lebanon for a look into Lebanon’s past; it’s the oldest continuously populated city in the world dating back to Phoenician times. Explore Crusader Castle, built by the crusaders in the 12th century, and the remains of ancient Phoenician temples.

During your tour of Lebanon, witness this Middle Eastern gem’s past and present. When traveling with My Way Travel, rest assured that during your private luxury travel in Lebanon, our team is working around the clock to ensure every logistical detail is taken care of so you can relax and take in the breathtaking scenery, rich traditions and sophisticated culture that will make your luxury travel in Lebanon an unforgettable experience.

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We have thoughtfully curated itineraries unveil a tapestry of possibilities, igniting your imagination for the enchanting journeys that await in Lebanon. These routes, meticulously crafted and honed through experience, serve as a compass of inspiration. Yet, view them as mere sparks, for your expedition will be meticulously tailored by our seasoned specialists. Rooted in your distinct tastes and passions, your voyage will be an unrivaled masterpiece, uniquely crafted for you.

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