Best place to visit in April 2024/2025
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Best place to visit in April 2024/2025

As April unfurls, spring takes root in the world, teasing us with the promise of warm summer days just around the corner. However, it's also renowned as one of the world's rainiest months. So, we've curated our top itineraries for April travel, offering you a taste of early summer sunshine and a chance to trade your wellies and umbrellas for sunhats. For those tied to school holidays, the choice of where to go on holiday in April often hinges on Easter. In 2020, Easter Sunday falls on the 12th of April.

In North India, temperatures are on the rise, signaling the onset of great-value trips across the country. April also stands as one of the finest months for wildlife enthusiasts in Kipling Country's central parks. With midday temperatures soaring and water sources dwindling, wildlife sightings at watering holes become frequent. Over Easter, hotels tend to fill up quickly, so it's wise to plan well in advance if you're eyeing a trip during the holidays. Further north, on the cusp of the Himalayan foothills, April heralds the emergence of Shimla's hilly forests from a harsh winter slumber, blossoming into the summer season. The 'Queen of the Hill Stations,' cocooned by dramatic jagged peaks, enjoys comfortable warmth coupled with fresh mountain air – a perfect setting for outdoor pursuits like hiking.

Venturing to the Far East, April unveils a delightful season to explore Japan. This captivating country is a haven for food enthusiasts, with Tokyo and Kyoto boasting numerous Michelin-starred restaurants. Beyond gastronomy, Japan dazzles with its modern cities, ancient culture, and breathtaking landscapes. April also marks the arrival of the iconic and visually striking 'sakura' – cherry blossom season – a phenomenon celebrated worldwide. Follow the cherry blossom trail across Japan, immersing yourself in the country's rich culture and history. Meanwhile, China welcomes the warmth of spring, with fruit trees bursting into full bloom amidst lush landscapes. Embark on a culinary journey through China, sampling its diverse culinary delights, or craft a tailor-made itinerary that ventures into neighboring Burma for a truly unique adventure.

April paints Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam, in a vibrant light. Vietnam's climate can be a puzzle to navigate, but in the mountainous northeast, the dry season still reigns, opening up splendid trekking and cycling trails. Down in the southern central coast, the beach haven of Nha Trang enjoys an extended dry spell, with April offering pleasant temperatures – not too scorching yet, and evenings no longer shrouded in chill. A tailor-made journey through Vietnam can effortlessly combine with the cultural treasures of Laos and Cambodia.

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