Vietnam: Weather & when to go: March

March Overview

March is at the tail end of the country’s best months to travel. The heat is slowly creeping in, however the sun, clear skies and still relatively low humidity make for perfect travel conditions. Both the south and central regions attract tourists with their perfect sunny days, and the north offers clear skies with cooler temperatures. Again, this month is ideal for anyone looking to do a bit of trekking in the north or highland regions of the country.

North Vietnam

Though temperatures start to creep up a bit higher in the north (an average of 19), the days are still cool enough to explore on foot and the humidity has yet to bring its full force. In the mountainous regions of the country, conditions for visiting are near ideal, with cooler temperatures, great weather and nights getting a bit warmer.

Central Vietnam

March marks the best month for the beaches of central Vietnam. Proper tropical weather settles in with beaming sunny skies and average temperatures in the high 20’s. The ocean has yet to heat up so it offers some solace from the heat, and rainy days are a non-existent threat. The highland regions begin warming up as well, marking the tail end of cooler trekking opportunities.

South Vietnam

The south is the first portion of the country to really break into the heat, and March marks the beginning of that process. Average temperatures are in the low 30s, weather remains dry, though the humidity starts creeping into the climate. The islands are still an excellent getaway during this time period, and water clarity for diving is still at its peak. Ho Chi Minh City, Phan Thiet, Mui Ne, Ho Tram and others are a great visit during this period… if you don’t mind a bit of heat!