The Highest Quality Shore Excursions

My Way Travel is focusing its efforts in providing high quality shore excursions for discerning travelers. In a world where expediency sometimes means a drop in quality, we are committed to bringing the finest type of shore excursion to our customers. At the same time, we are well aware of our clients’ need for financial prudence and we are confident that we offer the best value for money around.
We believe that small is beautiful and to that end, instead of dealing with huge numbers of customers every day, we prefer to provide and exclusive tailored tour package to a smaller group of valued customers. To demonstrate this, our select, private tour packages for groups of four or more people, are more cost efficient than the standard packages offered by large cruise companies. We are also able to offer specialised trips that simply are not available from cruise lines.
Please browse our site and check out the select packages that we can offer. Feel free to contact us direct, to discuss your personal requirements or indeed to ask any questions that may arise. In order to make things easier for you, we have designed our shore excursion both by type, and size of group.

Shore Excursions by Size of Group

The Private Excursion
This tour is designed for people who wish to tour exclusively in their small group. If you are part of a group of four or more people, we will tailor an entirely private tour for your group alone. This can normally be arranged for less than the cost of a general tour with a large cruise line company.

The Small Group Excursion
For groups of people ranging between 2 and 20 this is the ideal tour. It will deliver a more personal experience than the large group tours typically offered by large cruise lines.

The Standard Excursion

Especially designed for larger groups of between 20 and 50 people, These tours are similar in size to the tours offered by the large cruise lines; but there the similarity ends. My Way Travel strives to constantly provide a higher standard of service.

Shore Cruise Excursions by Type

The Scenic Shore Excursion
Here the emphasis is on delivering some of the most beautiful scenery in the region to our valued customers. This trip will enthral you with the sheer wonder of the natural scenery included.

The Cultural Shore Excursion
Asia has some of the most fascinating cultural heritage on the planet. This trip ensures that you are completely immersed in all that the area’s rich customs and people have to offer.

The Adventure Shore Excursion
For those of you looking for a sense of adventure, this is the very thing for you. My Way Travel can offer a wide range of exciting adventures for you to enjoy.

The Culinary Shore Excursion
For foodies everywhere; fully enjoy the vast and varied culinary experiences of this fascinating region.