An overview of Hsipaw

Hsipaw is a rural town located in the centre of the country and it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful locations in the whole of Myanmar.  Situated amongst rolling green hills and rice fields, Hsipaw will provide many tourists with a number of excellent hiking trails that can also be traversed by a hire bicycle if you wish. There are also options to take a river cruise down the Duthawadi River which meanders through the region’s stunning countryside and is perhaps one of the finest ways to see the country whilst simultaneously relaxing.

Although the town has experienced a noticeable increase in tourist numbers in recent years, it still remains a place that has retained its unique charm and is still true to its origins. The town has a plethora of cultural and religious attractions, an excellent market, a pleasant array of culinary options and great opportunities to interact and engage with local community members, including the indigenous tribespeople that live there too. However, an undoubted highlight is Hsipaw’s historic Buddhist monasteries that offer a glimpse into an ancient world far removed from Western civilization. Here you will see local monks perform their traditional walks and ceremonies, which provide a truly unique and mystical spectacle for those seeking to avoid mainstream destinations throughout Southeast Asia.