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Anawrahta Cruise

The newest luxury paddle-wheeled vessel added to Heritage Line’s fleet on the Irrawaddy River will be named the “Anawrahta.” Still planning to commence its maiden voyage on October of 2015, the previously titled “Shin Arahan” has been re-named out of respect for ethnic minority and government sensitivity towards the use of religious titles. Holding true to its focus on Myanmar’s heritage, the ship’s title continues to reflect the roots and culture of Myanmar’s rich background, representing the country’s first king to unify the country back in 1044. A grand warrior and accomplished diplomat, King Anawrahta also helped introduce and spread Theravada Buddhism throughout the kingdom, leaving an indelible mark on the country. The paddle-wheeled aspect of the vessel is reminiscent of more recent times in Myanmar, during the reign of British colonial rule. The British carried their goods and personnel through the veins of the waterways via ferry boat, enabling them to reach all aspects of the country with ease. The sleek, low design of the vessel permitted access to all parts of the river, which is what the Anawrahta was fashioned after. It allows cruises to reach all regions of the Irrawaddy during all parts of the year, giving guests an unrestricted view of the surrounding areas.
The Anawrahta is the perfect ship to explore Myanmar and the Irrawaddy regions. Its comfort, luxury and style give guests a sample of both ancient and contemporary Myanmar within its 65-meter stately frame. Within the three grand decks are 23 luxurious cabins, including 16 Deluxe rooms, 3 Junior Suites, 2 Executive Suites and 2 Royal Suites (which upon launch will be the most spacious cabins on the entire Irrawaddy!) The Anawrahta will also enjoy the highest crew to passenger ratio on Myanmar’s waterways, ensuring our guests’ safety and satisfaction. From the awe-inspiring exterior to the intricacies of the hand-carved interior, guests on our state-of-the-art vessel will be charmed and captivated by this timeless cruiser.

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5 Days Program

Day 1: Mandalay – Sagaing & Ava

Before noon you board the luxurious Anawrahta, berthed at the quay of Mandalay’s riverside.
After a friendly welcome by our staff offering some refreshments you move into your “home” for the next days. The ship sets sail towards Sagaing, one of the ancient capitals of Myanmar. Please find your way to the restaurant “Hinta Hall” for lunchtime.
After feel free to enjoy your time at the open air Kipling’s Bar or on the sun deck while Anawrahta is approaching Saigaing.
We disembark for a wonderful discovery of some very highlights of Sagaing and the former royal capital of Ava. We cross the well-known 16-span cantilever “Ava bridge”, built in 1934 by the British, which connects the two old capitals. Ava (also called Innwa) was the metroplois of the Burmese kingdoms between the 14th to 19th century. By horse-drawn carriage we explore this area, sprinkled with many kinds of distingueshed ancient monasteries and fanes: Bagay a Kyaung a jaw-dropping teak mon-astery built in 1834, which nowadays continues to be a monastic school; Maha Aung Mye Bonzan Monastery or the Nanmyint watch tower come both in a different art and creation. It is the peace of Ava which you by then hopefully absorb during a laid-back picnic teatime at a secret place in the middle of this sacred spot on earth.
Back on board, we learn more about some of the long-lasting tradtions (Longyi and Thanaka demonstration). A fascinating presentation about the history and culture of Myanmar follows afterwards.
Before your first dinner onboard you are warmly invited by our cruise manager to a cocktail gathering at Kipling’s Bar.

Day 2: Ava – Yanderbo
For early morning risers there is a special opportunity to participate at a yoga session on the sun deck. Strengthen your muscles and ease your mind by merging with the Ayeyarwady and its therapeutical flow downstream. Our next stop is Yanderbo.
After the breakfast, a lecture about Bagan’s history is offered at the Mandalay Lounge. We have some cruising relaxation time during the morning. Gaze on the river banks of this eternal stream from your bench on the sun deck or alternatively, a spa treatment would have the same recreation effects.
After lunch on board the ship arrives at the quiet, small riverside village of Yanderbo. An unique and fascinating gem of a vil-lage where in 1826 the King of Ava signed the Treaty of Yanderbo, signaling the end of the First Anglo-Burmese war. Nowadays the villagers produce a type of water pot which is reputed to keep water cooler than pots from anywhere else in the country.
Anawrahta’s expert -knowledge guides will offer you the explanation to that.
On foot we explore the village. You quickly notice that the villagers here are extremely friendly, charming and open for chit-chats. You will definitely take back home some enchanting memories. Their techniques and skills to produce a variety of pots and utensils are perplexing. Try yourself to work on one of these pots.
We return to the ship for the afternoon high tea. As we sail on to the next overnight spot Pakokku, we pass the confluence of the Ayeyarwady and it’s greatest tributary, Chindwin River.
As the evening approaches and the Burmese sun immerse everything in a golden light a special event will take place at the Kipling’s Bar. Dress up in style as we send “A toast to the past” during a British club where gents may whiff cigars and ladies sip on tasty gins with tonic. Share some tales of the old (British-Burmese) days. Isn’t sometimes the time to lose time.
Adjacent dinner is served at the Hintha Hall. If you feel like it you can join our open air cinema under the stars on the sun deck showing classic movies (depends on weather conditions).

Day 3: Pakokku – Bagan
In the morning our yoga class helps to get in the right form for another day of great explorations.
Enjoy a leisurely breakfast as the ship sails some more miles southwards before we arrive in Pakkoku. Pakkoku is an old trading town on the western riverbank of the Ayeyarwady. Right before the arrival you see the longest bridge of Myanmar (Pakokku Bridge).
On shore the tour takes us to some of the small industries in this area, such as a cheroot-rolling factory and a producer of ‘Bur-mese slippers’ (“flip-flops”). Local handicraft vendors try to make their living with it. A visit of the thriving market gives us an insight of local goods and trading pratices. Pakokku is also well-known for the production of Tobacco. If you like to buy some Burmese cigars, this is the place.
We continue touring to the Shwegu Temple. This temple features incredible, intricate carvings made from rare Yamanei wood.
It also houses a unique Buddha image seated on a lotus throne. Back on board lunch is served and Anawrahta continues the cruise southwards, eventually arriving at the utmost highlight of this journey – Bagan. The ship will dock at Bagan at the early afternoon (approx. 2PM).
At this time we bid farewell to our guests of the 3-day/2-night cruise. In the afternoon a magnificent temple serendipity starts. There are over 2000 temples, stupas and pagodas in an area of just 30 square kilometers. We explore the most remarkable ones, like the Ananda Temple or the pretty Sulamani Pagoda. As the final blowoff during dusk we are going to enjoy a breathtaking vista from a pagoda “summit” to marvel at the temple-strewn plains.
We wistfully return to the boat. After some refreshing time and before dinner you are invited to watch a traditional Bagan dance performance at the Mandalay Lounge.
After dinner our nightly open air cinema is offering another classic movie on the sun deck (depends on weather conditions).

Day 4: Bagan
In the morning we provide an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sign up for a sunrise balloon flight over the Bagan area (on extra cost, pre-booking required, subject to season).
After breakfast we say good-bye to our guests of the 4-day/3-night cruise.
The morning tour starts with a visit of the bustling Nyaung-U market. This is a truly Burmese market where everything is offered. The tour around the market provides best photo-moments of local life and people.
After the market we visit the revered Shwezigon Pagoda. This prototype of Burmese stupas consists of a circular gold leaf-gilded stupa surrounded by many smaller  temples and shrines. We make a stop at a lacquerware workshop. This is a must-see of a long standing, fascinating craftsman-ship. We complete the varied morning tour with a look on the fine frescoes inside the Wetkyi-In Gubyaukgyi Pagoda before returning to the ship for lunch time.
The afternoon holds two options in readiness. The first is a visit to the sacred Mount Popa monastery which sits picturesquely on an extinct volcano (some mobility and fitness is required to reach the top). The place is believed by the Burmese to be home to their animist spirits – the Nats. The trip stops en route at an enjoyable palm sugar plantation where we can look over the shoulders of a typical local candies manufacturer.
The second option includes an exploration of Myinkaba Village. You visit the Manuha Pagoda, dating from 1059 where King Anawrahta imprisoned the Mon King, Manuha. A short distance is the beautiful architecture of the Gubyaukyi temple. Take some individual time to explore the village of Minnanthu on your own pace afterwards.
Back on board and after some refreshing time, Dinner is served. Afterwards the crew is happy to invite you to some farewell entertainment in the lounge.

Day 5: Bagan
After breakfast your stay on your floating, luxury home regrettably ends. Heritage Line and the Anawrahta crew wish you a wonderful onward journey in the land of Ancient Capitals – Myanmar.

8 Days Program

Day 1: Mandalay – Nwe Nyein
Morning embarkation in Mandalay and sailing north, through the Dolphin Sanctuary. There will be a morning lecture on Myanmar culture entitled “Myanmar Ways of Life” and a Myanmar traditional dress demonstration early in the afternoon. In the cooler air of late-afternoon we will make a tour of the pottery village o f Nwe Nyein. Here you can see traditional techniques still being used to produce a wide variety of decorative pots. Tonight a longyi Cocktail Party will break the ice with your fellow guests.

Day 2: Daguang
Every morning we offer yoga and meditation on the sun deck. Today’s sailing is through the rolling hills of the Third Defile. Passing bamboo villages and even smaller fishing settlements, you will wonder how tranquil these lives can be. Join our Chef for a Cookery Demonstration in the morning and attend an informal Burmese language lesson in the afternoon. We will reach Dagaung for another late-afternoon tour, which will show the life on the riverbank and introduce you to this small town with its ancient fortifications, archeological area and famous nat or spirit shrines.

Day 3: Katha
Early-afternoon we reach the enchanting colonial town of Katha, setting for George Orwell’s Burmese Days. Little has changed since then. Of interest are the fire station’s collections of the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company’s ship’s bells taken from sunken ships in the Second War. Katha was the final resting place for much of the old flotilla as over a hundred ships were scuppered here in 1942 – an Act of Denial before the advancing Japanese. Our tour will take you around all the places that appear in the book and give you the opportunity to really imagine how life was in this far-flung corner of the British Empire.

Day 4: Katha and Shwe Gu
In the morning disembark for a visit to Katha’s colourful, bustling and noisy market before going on to visit an elephant logging camp in the hardwood forests of the hills that surround the town. After, we will call into the old Golf Club before returning to the ship for lunch. In the afternoon you may relax on the Sun Deck while we continue upstream to Shwe Gu. Afternoon tea will be served before a lecture on Myanmar history and current affairs.

Day 5: Shwe Paw Kyun and the Second Defile
Another early start is recommended as we take you on a tranquil walk through the rarely-visited island of Shwe Paw Kyun. After, be prepared on the Sun Deck as we make our first passing through the dramatic Second Defile. This will take about two hours, depending on the force of the current. Once out the other side we will turn at the Sinkan Bridge and begin our return journey by plunging once again into the fast flowing waters of the Defile. It may take as little as 25 minutes to reach the other end! We will sail on, passing Katha before mooring for the night.

Day 6: Thagara
After a short sailing we reach Thagara, where we go ashore and climb the hill to reach a majestic Reclining Buddha gazing serenely southwards, taking in the view of the Third Defile. Another relaxing afternoon perhaps enjoying the facilities of our spacious Spa (including the only Swedish-style sauna on the Ayeyarwady) or our 8 meter whirlpool swimming pool, conveniently raised so you may lie in the water and still enjoy the passing scenery. For those wishing for some mental stimulation there will be a lecture on ‘Religion in Myanmar’ and another Burmese language lesson. Tonight we will moor near Tabbeikyin, the nearest port to the famous ruby mines of Mogok.

Day 7: Mandalay
Depending on the water level and local conditions, we hope to visit Thiha Taw Island in the mouth of the Third Defile this morning. Here a beautiful monastery was suddenly and mysteriously abandoned around 100 years ago. The monks from this monastery were reputed to have tamed fish and used to place gold-leaf on them during special ceremonies. In the afternoon there will be a lecture entitled “History of Mandalay” while we continue sailing south. We reach Mandalay late in the afternoon where you will disembark in time to see sunset at the famous “U Bein’s Bridge”, the longest teak bridge in Myanmar.

Day 8: Mandalay
Bid farewell to the crew as you check-out after breakfast.

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