Getting to know Luang Namtha

The province of Luang Namtha is one of the centers for Laos’ eco-tourism. The towns of Luang Namtha and Muang Sing are probably the most recognizable, both famous for mountain biking and trekking. They are famous places to go to and overall, they deserve the recognition bestowed on them. If at least some of the work done in these provincial towns is implemented all over the country, Laos would be laying the foundation for a sustainable tourism industry.

You may encounter one of the country’s uniquely dressed hill tribe peoples, which is one of the best experiences you’ll have during a trek through the northwest region, an area that is home to many of Laos’ 68 ethnic groups. This region is an ideal place to stay for a couple of days, slowing the pace of your trip and it won’t be long before you see things from a Laotian point of view!