Getting to know Sihanoukville

In the years that have seen travelers travel through Cambodia, stopping to experience the renowned Angkor temples, ride a boat through the great Tonle Sap Lake, and discover the gems of Phnom Penh, without considering the many offerings of the country’s southern provinces along the coast.

Nowadays, things have changed and the coast is going through a metamorphosis of sorts. Sihanoukville is the most recognizable of the coastal towns in the country and is home to some of Cambodia’s best beaches, four to be exact. The best beaches are Otres, Independence, Ocheateal, and Serendipity. These beaches are situated in separate bays, with most tourists enjoying at least two or three during their holiday.

Only a 3 ½ drive from the Capital Phnom Penh, as well as accessibility to many National Parks, the port town of Sihanouk City has another recognition under its belt, it’s home to the very famous Angkor Beer! Famous with holiday goers and backpackers, with a lot of room for all visitors, there is a wide selection of hotels and restaurants for all kinds of spenders. There are quite a few islands that can be visited on day excursions or for longer trips, with stays in basic accommodations.

Sihanoukville is near the Ream National park, where rangers can help you through the mangrove forests and ride a boat along the rivers while spotting wildlife or just enjoy nature’s raw beauty. There is also a nearby waterfall, Kbal Chhay, which is ideal for a leisurely picnic and a cool dip in the waters.