Morning – lunch 9.00 – 13.00
Visit slum dweller in the Middle bank of Red River, Ha Noi
The low lying land under Long Bien Bridge in the middle of the Red River in Hanoi is a hidden place unknown to city dwellers. Here living 20 illegal households whose family and belongings are fit in 13sqm floating houses. In more than 15 years, this land has been the place for immigrants & landless citizens to find safety & build new life. In 2006, a local documentary film director worked with 7 children in the boat slum & created the first child-made documentary film called Green Meadow. To these children, life in a village of 20 houses floating on the river is not only poor and full of hardship, but also filled with love and care. Living in a place which most people would consider as a precarious existence, the children think this home of theirs is heaven. Been around the city, Duc has several connections & understand the living conditions of those people here, he gets connected with different NGOs & social organizations to assist them not only living standards but also the job opportunities.
The visit today includes discussion; participation with the community’s farming activities, meet with Mr. Duoc and his family at the area. Mr. Duoc is one of the first people who built his life in this land and has witnessed many incredible stories & changes in this place. The visit will help you understand a very unique marginalized community in Hanoi & discover topics such as illegal immigration, marginalization, exclusion, alternative education for slum children, management of slum dwellers with city authority, livehood… etc. Lunch at a floating boat owner & share the chats with them.

Afternoon 14.00 – 17.00
Visit Peace House, Center for Women and Development
Peace House Project was established on Woman’s day 8th March 2007 together with the Centre for Women & Development. After 4 years of operations, the Peace House has supported and provided safe sheltering for more than hundreds of women and children victims of domestic abuse. Its counseling service has also brought about significant benefits to women.
The visit will include discussion with management board of the Peace House and interacting with women and children who are residing in the Peace House. This visit will help you discover domestic violence situation in Vietnam, gender roles and views in Vietnam, interventions and solutions towards gender equality, case studies… etc.