When is the best time to visit Indonesia?

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For those looking to indulge in the joys of island-hopping, diving into vibrant coral reefs, or simply unwinding on sun-kissed beaches, the ideal months to visit Indonesia stretch from April to October. This period guarantees idyllic weather conditions for your tropical getaway.

Indonesia's climate remains warm throughout the year due to its equatorial location, but from November to March, the nation experiences its rainy season, with the southern regions particularly affected.

While this wet season might dampen beachside leisure, it also means fewer visitors at Indonesia's majestic temples, offering a more intimate and fulfilling cultural experience. The landscape turns lush and verdant, painting a picturesque backdrop for your travels. For those who find the lowland humidity a bit much, a retreat to the cooler, elevated regions provides a refreshing respite.


The Ultimate Month-by-Month Indonesia Travel Planning Guide

Visiting Indonesia in January

January is the peak of the wet season in Indonesia, with rains drenching much of the archipelago. However, brighter days can be found, particularly in the northern regions which may offer some respite from the rain.

Events & Festivals:

  • Chinese New Year (date varies): This significant holiday is marked by vibrant celebrations, dragon dances, and festive decorations, reflecting the cultural diversity of Indonesia.

Best places to visit in January

Visiting Indonesia in February

In northern Sumatra, the weather begins to clear, offering sunny intervals amidst the rainy season. Across the rest of Indonesia, the rainfall continues, but the promise of drier days is on the horizon as February progresses, with temperatures often in the high 80°Fs.

Events & Festivals:

  • Chinese New Year (date varies): Celebrations continue for Chinese New Year if it falls in February, with the country engaging in public festivities and a mix of traditional and modern events.

Best places to visit in February

Visiting Indonesia in March

The weather is a mix of sunshine and sudden downpours, providing opportunities for low season travel deals.

Events & Festivals:

  • Chinese New Year: Celebrations occur nationwide, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of Indonesia.
  • Hari Raya Nyepi: This Balinese Day of Silence invites introspection and quietude as the country observes a public holiday.

Best places to visit in March

Visiting Indonesia in April

Sunshine becomes more consistent, though Sumatra may experience afternoon showers. Tourist numbers increase towards the month's end.

Events & Festivals:

  • Ramadan: The holy month brings a unique rhythm to daily life, with shops and restaurants adjusting hours, offering a glimpse into cultural practices.

Best places to visit in April

Visiting Indonesia in May

Bali and Lombok are particularly inviting, boasting excellent weather. Across Indonesia, the climate is generally hot and dry, with the chance of occasional showers.

Events & Festivals:

  • Idul Fitri/Lebaran: Marking the close of Ramadan, families gather for feasts in this significant two-day national event.

Best places to visit in May

Visiting Indonesia in June

The start of June is perhaps the ideal time to visit, with excellent weather and fewer tourists, allowing for a more serene experience.

Best places to visit in June

Visiting Indonesia in July

Peak tourist season brings hot, dry weather. Plan ahead as accommodations fill quickly, and some areas, like beaches, can be crowded.

Best places to visit in July

Visiting Indonesia in August

The peak season hits its stride with continued visitor inflow. The weather remains a draw, alongside the bustling wildlife and scenic national parks.

Events & Festivals:

  • Independence Day (August 17): The country celebrates its independence with various festivities and the national flag proudly displayed.

Best places to visit in August

Visiting Indonesia in September

The pleasant weather from August remains but with fewer tourists and more reasonable prices, making it a fantastic time to visit.

Best places to visit in September

Visiting Indonesia in October

Enjoy the tail end of the dry season, with some regions starting to see more frequent showers. It's a good time for shoulder season travel deals.

Best places to visit in October

Visiting Indonesia in November

The rainy season begins, but sunny spells still grace places like Bali and northern Sulawesi. The warmth persists, although travel may be affected by rain.

Best places to visit in November

Visiting Indonesia in December

Rain and humidity are common, and with Christmas approaching, it's wise to visit earlier in the month to avoid the holiday rush.

Best places to visit in December