Vietnam: Weather & when to go: September

September Overview

September is another transitional month in Vietnam, with weather changing for the better, for the worse, and in some parts, staying almost the same. While the south sits steady in its hot weather, mostly rainy conditions and dene humidity, the central region sees the end of its hot spell. The sunshine and heat of the summer months finally gives way to the much needed rains, which help to cool down the sizzling region. In the north, the weather starts to break for the better, bringing more ideal conditions across the board.

North Vietnam

September in the north means the tail end of the summer season. While the temperatures can still be quite high and rain may occur, the chances lessen towards the latter part of the month. As Hanoi gets more bearable with the weather, the far north gets even more attractive with the near arrival of the trekking season. Towards the end of September, conditions start becoming ideal as the rains slow down and the crops, consequently, are nearing their harvest season (great for photos).

Central Vietnam

The beach weather in Central Vietnam finally starts to disappear after nearly 7 months of sun and heat. While September doesn’t always mean immediate rain and clouds, it does mark the beginning of the full change in seasons. In Hue, Danang and Hoi An, the rains become increasingly more present, though the temperatures still hover in the high 20’s. Farther south in Nha Trang, the rain also arrives (a bit slower), while the highland regions are still entirely saturated.

South Vietnam

September in the south doesn't bring too much change from the weather of August. While the rains may lessen slightly, they are still a daily possibility and the hot temperatures of the summer still linger heavy in the air. In proper southern spirit, however, visitors can always expect dry spells and sunny days, even when the heaviest rainstorms are passing through.