Vietnam: Weather & when to go: November

November marks a great period of weather for some parts of the country, and not so great weather for other parts. If you’re looking to visit Vietnam in November, it’s best to keep your eyes on the extreme ends of the country. North Vietnam moves into its most pleasant part of the year, with rains seldom passing through, sunshine a more frequent occurrence and temperatures are downright pleasant. Similarly, in the south, the weather also is on the rise, with frequent sunny days making for ideal touring and beach going. In the central region, however, the opposite is happening. Weather is reaching its peak rainy season, making touring interesting… but very wet!

North Vietnam

Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, Ha Giang, Mu Cang Chai, Ninh Binh & Mai Chau

During November, north Vietnam enjoys its best weather of the year. Temperatures hover around the mid 20’s, rains are few and the sun shines daily without bringing unbearable temperatures. In the far northern regions, this is the peak season for visiting, with Yen Bai, Sapa and Ha Giang enjoying absolutely beautiful weather. For trekkers, this is the best time to visit! On the other end of the northern travel spectrum, November is also a great month to head to the northern coast where Halong Bay enjoys beautiful, clear conditions.

Central Vietnam

For travellers heading to central Vietnam in November… remember your rain gear! The rainy season is at its peak in November, bringing heavy rains, strong winds, little sun, and surprisingly cool temperatures. Hue and Danang experience heavy rains and Hoi An’s ancient town can be expected to be underwater during some parts of the month. Nha Trang doesn’t escape the central region’s rainy season either, with the majority of its annual rainfall coming during this month. Ironically, a few hours west, the central highland region is expected to have little rain during this time, and November can be an ideal time to visit!

South Vietnam

November in southern Vietnam means the return of summer weather. Temperatures creep back up towards the high 20’s, rains seldom pass through (and humidity drops increasingly), and sunny days make for perfect beach weather and city exploring. All of the south’s popular beach destinations experience excellent weather during this time, proving to be ideal for sun and sand seekers.