Vietnam: Weather & when to go: May

May Overview

May is a unique month for traveling in Vietnam, as it offers a variety of different weather patterns. While it’s nice to spend everyday in the sunshine and blue skies, it doesn’t necessarily capture the full essence of life in Vietnam. The northern part of the country sees a continued, gradual rise in temperatures, with the arrival of occasional rains. May marks the beginning of the hot and sticky months, which can prove to be a little less comfortable to travel in. The central region steps into its hot summer months, while the south creeps closer and closer to its full rainy season.

North Vietnam

With temperatures moving towards the high 20’s, the north begins to get hotter as the month rolls on. The chances of rain increase, which offer some respite from the hot summer heat, but the days are still dry for the most part. In the Sapa region of the country, the weather still manages to cooperate for trekking, whereas farther east the rains slowly start to become more common.

Central Vietnam

While May is another ideal beach month for travellers to the central region of Vietnam, the temperatures may have to be battled! Slipping into the low to mid 30’s, the heat calls for a bit of a slower pace to travel… at least on foot! Hue’s weather stays slightly cooler, while farther southwest in the highlands the rain slowly increases.

South Vietnam

As the month of May rolls along, the chances for rain increase. The temperatures sit in the high 20’s, which are brought down slightly when the passing rains roll through. While rain may be a possibility, it still only comes in short, heavy bursts, and is likely to pass.