Vietnam: Weather & when to go: June

June Overview

Vietnam’s weather can greatly vary in the month of June depending on the location. While it still offers some good conditions across the country, a bit of rain gear may be necessary in the luggage. Peak temperatures are being hit across the country, which are combatted by occasional bursts of rain. In the north, the summer months have officially started, combining hot weather with potentially heavy rains. The central region sits heavily in the summer months, with high temperatures and a thick humidity hovering over the region. In the south, the rainy season is in full force, with heavy rains expected daily. Thanks to the weather during this time of year, Vietnam moves into its low season.

North Vietnam

North Vietnam, like other parts of the country, sits in the peak summer season, which is marked by high temperatures (low 30’s as an average), heavy rains and potentially stormy conditions. The rains make it all the way north, so trekking during this time is not necessarily recommended.

Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam still sits in the heart of its summer months, with temperatures steadily on the rise. Days are hot and sunny, rains are scarce and the beaches are busy! Destinations such as Hoi An and Danang may prove to be a bit more uncomfortable to explore on foot due to the high temperatures, though the beaches offer excellent solace from the heat. Hue and Nha Trang offer similar weather, while Dalat sees an increase in rainfall.

South Vietnam

June means the full arrival of the rainy season in the south, with average temperatures hovering around the high 20s. Again, the south has a specific pattern when it comes to rain, and despite the frequent, heavy squalls showering down over the region, they are still apt to pass quite quickly. This being said, travel in the south may still catch some sunny days!