Vietnam: Weather & when to go: July

July Overview

July shares the same sentiments as June, offering a variety of different weather patterns across the country. Central Vietnam still hangs on to its hot weather, with the occasional rain slipping in, while the south stays firm in the rainy season. Daily downpours are almost a guarantee. In the north, weather patterns are very similar with high temperatures and daily heavy rains. Trekking during this time is not advised due to the high rainfall.

North Vietnam

July in the north means the summer, rainy months roll along. The weather is hot, sitting in the low 30’s as an average, and rain is a common occurrence. July is usually labeled the wettest month in Hanoi, and travel to Halong Bay and Sapa (for trekking) is not necessarily advised.

Central Vietnam

Unlike the rest of the country, central Vietnam still enjoys its hot summer months devoid of rain. For those seeking solace from the rest of the country’s deluges, Danang, Hoi An, Hue and Nha Trang provide the perfect escape. The temperatures are, however, exceedingly hot, wavering around the mid 30s. Farther south in Dalat, however, the rains have fully arrived and many adventure activities are off limits.

South Vietnam

The south continues into its rainy season, with daily downpours, hot temperatures and heavy humidity. The rain lets up slightly as the month unfolds, and bursts of sunshine can still be found throughout the days. For diving enthusiasts, July marks the last good month for visibility, so any last-minute visits to Con Dao should be booked!