Vietnam: Weather & when to go: February

February Overview

For those seeking out the “best month” to visit Vietnam, many would argue February is it. Offering the driest weather, most consistent sun and moderate temperatures, a February visit is ideal in all parts of the country. Sun seekers will find the coast’s beaches are perfect during this time of the year, city dwellers will enjoy exploring the cities with little rain, light humidity and moderate temperatures, and adventure seekers will find this is one of the best times to do some trekking in the northern and highland regions.

North Vietnam

North Vietnam enjoys the perfect combination of blue skies, sunny weather and moderate-to-cool temperatures, with days hovering around the 18 degree mark. Rain is highly uncommon in the region during this time of year, however January’s haze still has a tendency to linger, particularly over water-based areas. For those looking to explore the far northern regions, this is a great time to go, when the weather is nice but the temperatures still remain quite cool. Be sure to bring appropriate clothing!

Central Vietnam

February marks the beginning of the sunny months in central Vietnam. While the skies are clear and the sun shines bright, temperatures are not yet scorching, which make for ideal beach weather. Hoi An and Danang are particularly great to visit during this time, as the daytime isn’t too hot for walking around. An occasional, brief rain may pass through the region, but February tends to be sunny for the most part. The central highland areas are also great to visit during this time, offering great weather with cool temperatures and low humidity. The combination of these together makes for ideal trekking conditions.

South Vietnam

February, much like January, still marks a month of good weather in the south, offering more ideal conditions for the sun seekers. Beach towns are busy thanks to the sun and blue skies, rain is seldom seen, and temperatures are still bearable, hovering around the high 20’s. Of particular note during this time of year are the south’s islands. Not only are the temperatures great, but they also make for some excellent diving conditions around Con Dao.