Vietnam: Weather & when to go: December

December is a great month for almost all destinations in Vietnam, as weather either stays the same or turns for the better. The northern part of the country continues to enjoy its sunny, cool, rain-free weather, with the far north still enjoying good conditions for trekking. The south continues to enjoy classic beach weather in all its destinations, and central Vietnam slowly moves towards the latter part of its rainy season, with Nha Trang being the first area to return to sun and good weather.

North Vietnam

December in the north continues positive, with low humidity (and therefore little rain), moderate temperatures and plenty of sunshine. Both Hanoi and the far north see their driest time of the year in December, however temperatures can get low. Particularly if travelling to the far north, be sure to bring appropriate clothing to combat the cold nighttime weather.

Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam begins to move into the latter part of its rainy season in December, with conditions remaining cool, slightly damp and temperatures remaining on the cooler side (Hue, Hoi An, Danang.) While storms may still come through during this time, the chances decrease with the passing of the month. Farther south, Nha Trang moves into better weather, with temperatures on the rise and rainfall steadily declining. Further west, Dalat and the central highlands region continue to enjoy dry weather, however temperatures can get quite cool.

South Vietnam

The south enjoys some of the best conditions of the year in December, proving to be an ideal escape from the grips of the rainy season in the central region. Blue skies, warm temperatures and practically no rain are expected across the region, with beach weather available from Mui Ne to Phu Quoc. While Ho Chi Minh’s temperatures hover around the moderate side, the island getaways enjoy hotter temperatures, perfect for coastal activities.