Vietnam: Weather & when to go: August

August Overview

August is a transitional period in certain parts of the country, particularly in central Vietnam where the hot summer months finally give way to chances of rain. The southern portion of the country still sits in the midst of the rainy season, though the squalls tend to lessen towards the end of the month. In the north, the weather stays mostly the same with hot temperatures and daily rainfall. For those seeking sunny days, central Vietnam’s beach destinations are still the place to go. Trekking is, again, off limits in most places.

North Vietnam

Little changes between July and August, with temperatures still weighing in heavy around the low 30’s and daily rainfall keeping things soggy. While it is still possible to explore Hanoi and Halong Bay during this time, if another month can be chosen, it might be advised. Trekking again is off limits in most parts, and travellers seeking outdoor experiences should keep their focus set on central Vietnam where conditions are still dry.

Central Vietnam

Despite the rest of the country being saturated, central Vietnam hangs on to its last month of hot temperatures and mostly rain-free days, providing a final month of beautiful beach weather. The rains do come in towards the latter half of the month, particularly in Hue. For travellers holding out for the latter part of the month, Nha Trang is the best bet for consistent good weather, while the rest of the central region gets a bit more uncertain. Dalat, once again, is undergoing heavy rains making adventure experiences nearly impossible.

South Vietnam

The south sits strong in the midst of its rainy season, with temperatures in the high 20’s and humidity hanging heavy over much of the area. Rain is a daily occurrence, however its heavy showers bring some respite to the high temperatures. In the spirit of the south, even during the heaviest squalls, there are still chances for the sun to come out, so don’t cross southern Vietnam off your list if you’re visiting in August!