Vietnam: Weather & when to go: April

April Overview

April is a transitional month in much of Vietnam, carrying some parts of the country from peak weather to its more extreme conditions. The south’s temperatures and humidity begin to rise, which give way to occasional rains. In the central region, the hot weather also increases, though chances of rain are still very rare. The northern part of the country starts to see its cooler temperatures disappear, with an average day sitting around the mid 20’s.

North Vietnam

As the months creep along, the northern portion of the country begins to slip into its hot, wet summer months. The average temperature hovers around 25 degrees, and the later the month gets, the more likely rainfall becomes. The far north, however, still hangs on to its ideal temperatures and dry weather, which continue to make for good trekking conditions.

Central Vietnam

From Danang to Nha Trang, April continues to mark the summer beach months. Temperatures sizzle in the high 20’s and rainfall is non-existent. Other destinations such as Dalat and Hue also enjoy warmer temperatures, making ideal, if not a bit warm, for April visitors.

South Vietnam

April in the south means it’s getting hot! Low 30’s are the average temperature (with the potential to get warmer), and the chance for rain constantly increases. While the region's beach destinations are still ideal during this time of year, the occasional rain may pass through. With temperatures starting to creep higher, however, the rain offers a cooling break!