Discovering Ninh Binh

Situated just two hours south of Hanoi, Ninh Binh is one of the country’s least visited, yet most remarkable destinations. While the city of Ninh Binh is nothing to write home about, head to the closest rural regions of the area and the situation drastically changes. Popping up all over the land are vast limestone formations, which give the area the nickname “Halong bay on Land.”

The limestone formations are surrounded by lush rice fields, temples, caves and waterways, which can make a visit to Ninh Binh one of the most unforgettable in Vietnam. Whether interested in an adventurous outing, gentle river cruise or cultural stroll, Ninh Binh and the surrounding areas are an ideal visit.

In addition to the landscapes, Ninh Binh Province is also home to another of Vietnam’s major historical destinations: Hoa Lu. An ancient capital of Vietnam, Hoa Lu is home to a former citadel, which provides some unique insights into the royal roots of the area. While the province is only a short drive from Hanoi (and can attract some visitors for a quick day visit), it is advised to plan at least a couple days in the area to enjoy Ninh Binh’s landscapes and Hoa Lu’s culture and history.