South Central Vietnam: Nha Trang

Heading back to the coast from Dalat and farther down south from Hoi An and Danang is the iconic beach city of Nha Trang. A tropical oasis of palm-lined beaches and island dotted coastline, Nha Trang is famous for its great weather and popular beaches. The city itself stays up with the times in development, offering excellent accommodation, dining and entertainment options, while providing ample traditional and cultural attractions as well. Its beaches, of course, are the main attraction, buzzing with activity from early morning exercisers to all-day sun soakers.

Thanks to its brilliant coastal location, Nha Trang offers some excellent off-land adventures as well, from superb snorkelling and diving experiences to memorable half and full-day cruises along its pristine outlying islands. For local attractions, the Po Nagar Towers are a must visit, as is the 9-meter seated Buddha overlooking the city. For those seeking family-friendly fun, the famous VinPearl Land, Vietnam’s top amusement park, is located on the outskirts of the city as well. No matter what it is you’re looking for in Nha Trang, the city has something to offer!