Halong Bay: Vietnam’s Must-Do Experience  

Halong Bay is no mystery to travellers heading to Vietnam. Highlighted as one of the main attractions of the country, any visit to Vietnam should, at some point, include a visit to this gorgeous water-bound region. Situated along the northeastern coast, Halong Bay is a sliver of land that spills out into the Gulf of Tonkin, illustrated by countless limestone islets and formations. Getting its name from a regional myth of dragons and their offspring, the destination appears like something out of a fairy tale.

While there are different ways to explore Halong Bay, the most common means of visiting is on a junk boat. Built in a traditional style, these vessels cruise through the islands and formations of the bay with open-air decks and plenty of viewing platforms making the sightseeing process truly memorable. Boats are generally all-inclusive, and once a package is bought, food, drink (non-alcoholic) and entertainment are all available on board.

The bay isn’t just about sailing, however. The waters are home to a vibrant array of underwater life, making some portions of the bay perfect for snorkeling and swimming. While some regions of the bay are becoming more susceptible to pollution, there are still plenty of regions that are as pristine as ever. Additionally, Halong is also flanked by stunning landscapes, from freshwater swamps and cerulean grottoes to some of the area’s best beaches and wildlife areas. Trips to all these areas can be arranged, with highlights being the isolated Ca Ba Island (home to endangered langurs) and Bai Tu Long Bay.

Halong Bay: A Fleet to Choose From

As mentioned previously, almost the entire Halong bay experience (unless you’re hiring a seaplane) revolves around taking a boat. This being the case, we have spent countless years testing and experiencing a wide range of vessels, choosing the most suitable and most reliable vessels for our customers. Working in conjunction with some of the area’s most reputable cruise operators, we are able to offer our guests  state of the art cruising vessels that span all ends of the spectrum.

Different sized boats offer different experiences. The larger vessels may offer more on-board luxuries and amenities, however they cannot access some portions of the bay that smaller, more nimble boasts can cruise into. These smaller boats may not have the luxuries of the bigger ships, but they petite size enables them to bring guests to some truly remarkable and lesser-known sections of the bay.

In addition to size, we also offer a range of different comfort choices to choose from. Ranging from more basic, budget-friendly accommodation to high-end floating ‘resorts’, our range of ships can offer any experience you’re looking for. On all our vessels, accommodation is comfortable, staff is friendly, informative and highly trained, and the food is magnificent. In regards to sightseeing, we always make sure to employ the best routes during our cruises to maximise the Halong experience for all guests. On board, a range of other activities are available, from sunbathing and sightseeing from the top decks to enjoying libraries, morning tai chi lessons, fishing, swimming, movies, etc. Off the vessel, our programs offer a range of activities from snorkeling and kayaking to visiting caves, floating villages and small islands.

Starting with the departure from Hanoi and the 3.5 hour drive through the countryside to the port arrival and complete on-board experience, we make sure that every aspect of the journey is covered and memorable. Transfers and meals are almost always included, rooms are ensuite for comfort and cruising experiences are guaranteed to be safe and memorable.

Keeping Halong Bay Clean

While Halong Bay has been a main attraction of Vietnam for some time now, its popularity has not been without a cost. The multitude of vessels passing through the bay everyday can leave behind a nasty trace of pollution, which has built up quite considerably over time. My Way Travel does everything in its power to employ more sustainable vessels and to keep a check on the waste that’s being produced during its Halong experiences. We don’t want to lose this natural wonder!