Da Nang: The New Favourite

What once acted as a point of transport to Hue and Hoi An, Danang is now starting to attract its own followers. The entire east side of Danang is flanked by pristine beach, stretching from as far as Hoi An in the south to the Son Tra Peninsula in the north. Danang’s attractions are much fewer compared to its northern and southern neighbors, but thanks to being the country’s biggest up and coming tourist destination, that is quickly changing.

From motorbike rides along the picturesque Son Tra Peninsula (with its iconic Lady Buddha statue) and plenty of beach time to the urban attractions of the west side of Danang, visitors will find plenty of things to occupy their time in the central city. For some short day trips outside of Danang, the following are some excellent options:

The Hai Van Pass

The Hai Van Pass was once considered one of the region’s most dangerous and deadly stretches of road. Connecting Danang with Hue, the high, mountain pass is marked by sharp, hairpin turns and steep drops. To combat the road’s deadly reputation, a tunnel was carved through the mountain, which offered trucks and constant streams of transport a much safer alternative.

Today the Hai Van Pass can be enjoyed by adventure-seeking motorbike drivers without the worry of cars and tractor trailers.  Though the ride is challenging, the drive is much safer today and offers the area’s most breathtaking views of Danang city, the East Sea and Lang Co Bay. For a truly unforgettable experience, a drive (at least one way) over the Hai Van Pass is well worth the challenge. For travellers keen on their own transport, this is a great means of connecting a visit to Hue with a visit to Danang, or vice versa.

In a Day: My Khe Beach and the Marble Mountains

For a full day experience in Danang, combine some rest and relaxation on the beach with a unique half-day trip. My Khe Beach, formerly known as China Beach (the famous name given by American soldiers) is the most famous of Danang’s beaches. Offering a giant stretch of shoreline and pristine waters, it’s the ideal beachfront getaway in the city. After some sun and sand, make a visit to the iconic Marble Mountains.

Situated halfway between Danang and Hoi An, the Marble Mountains are a collection of five mountains with names representing different earthly elements. The mountains are comprised of valuable marble, which was once used to produce beautiful statues. Though the marble is no longer taken from the mountains, the production of marble statues and items is still practiced today. The mountains, which were once used as a military hideout by Viet Cong soldiers during the war, house various temples, caves and monasteries, which can be explored on foot. Additionally, the peak of the mountains offer excellent views of the surrounding area for those who don’t mind taking the hike to the top!