Introducing: The Central Highlands

Head southwest of Danang, Hoi An and Hue and you’ll hit Vietnam’s central highlands region. Encompassing the destinations from the former French hill station of Dalat to the edges of Quang Nam Province, this region of the country is one of the most unique. Combining entirely different landscapes with a wholly different climate from the surrounding regions, the central highlands offer some solace from the heat and humidity for much of the year.

Perhaps the most popular of the central highland destinations is Dalat. Established over a century ago by the French as a hill station, Dalat was popular for its much cooler temperatures, which not only provided respite from the searing temperatures of the central and southern regions, but also offered the country’s best growing conditions for fruits and vegetables. The area was converted into a veritable greenhouse and still today acts as the producer of much of the country’s produce.

In addition to Dalat, the central highlands region also offers a range of mountainous destinations and undulating landscapes that prove to be ideal for travellers seeking a bit of adventure (great for trekking in certain seasons), culture (home to some colorful hill tribe regions) and more of a local feel (outside Dalat, very few tourists explore the surrounding central highland regions).