Cat Tien: An Introduction

For those seeking an alternative destination between Ho Chi Minh City and the central highland retreat of Dalat, the Cat Tien National Park is the ideal destination to visit. Only three hours’ drive from the city, this park has plenty of reasons for a couple-day visit to rest, relax and enjoy some of the area’s beautiful natural scenery.

Standing as one of Vietnam’s most important natural reserves, Cat Tien houses a plethora of Vietnam’s indigenous flora and fauna and many of its engendered species. From Asian elephants and langurs to gibbons and sun bears, the animals inside this park are some of the rarest in the region. Spanning for over 70,000 hectares, the park was established not only to protect these critically endangered species, but also to offer a much-needed natural getaway in the southern part of the country.

Visits through the park are accompanied by rangers, all of which whom are trained and highly experienced in the park’s interiors and inhabitants. A truly unique and alternative experience to travel between the southern and central highlands regions of Vietnam, Cat Tien is the ultimate retreat for nature and wildlife lovers.