Getting to know Bai Tu Long Bay

The Vietnamese relate the staggering beauty of Halong Bay to that of a stunningly beautiful woman. With that in mind, they describe Bai Tu Long Bay as a pure, innocent and enchanting young girl. The mountains, beaches, and parks are untouched and unspoilt. The bay has an unbelievably rich biodiversity that has distinct two ecosystems: One is of a tropical, damp, evergreen rainforest and the other a typical marine/coastal ecosystem.

Bai Tu Long Bay sits to the east of Halong Bay and is a good distance away from Cat Ba Island, whilst being relatively close to the shores of China. For years it has been all but ignored by foreign tourists and is therefore in incredibly pristine, unpolluted condition. For lovers of flora and fauna and the best of what nature can offer, it is quite simply, unmissable. A recent poll hosted by a top travel site, UK eco-tourism company GK Travel, named Bai Tu Long Bay in the top 5 greatest Tourist Destinations in the whole of Southeast Asia.

The Legend of Halong Bay

A million years ago, invaders from foreign soil conquered Vietnam. The Jade Emperor asked the Mother Dragon and her offspring for assistance. They won and after the battle, the dragons did not return to their spiritual home but instead, remained on earth. The Mother Dragon descending into Halong Bay, spitting jewels as she did; the jewels forming the islands. The Child Dragon in turn, descended in Bai Tu Long Bay.

Things to look out for in Bai Tu Long Bay are the floating fishing village of VungVieng, and the islands of QuanLan and Co To. The Bai To Long National Park is, in turn, one of 7 national parks in the country and consists of both terrestrial and marine areas. It offers unique ecosystems and amazing examples of flora and fauna.

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