Ultra Luxury

My Way Travel recognises the need for saving our guests’ time. People lead increasingly busy lives these days and therefore we understand that you don’t want to spend your precious vacation wasting time traveling, when you have the chance to do it in style. Our ultra luxury travel packages get you where you want to go, quickly, safely and with the minimum of fuss. We have incorporated luxury travel into our superb travel packages.

Private Jets

My Way Travel specialises in private aviation throughout Asia; one of the few travel companies to do so. Companies with whom we partner are experts in providing the charter of private jets, turboprops, seaplanes and helicopters throughout the region. Their expertise coupled with our unique knowledge ensures that you get the best aircraft for your particular journey. If you think private aviation is what you require, please do not hesitate in contacting us to discuss your requirements.

But Why Choose Private Jets?

Asia is an enormous continent and if your busy life means that you can only spare a couple of weeks for your vacation, you deserve to see what you want, when you want. This is the ultimate travel luxury, particularly within a continent that has the sheer scale of Asia. Private jet flight enables you to visit more destinations, especially remote ones, in a short time frame. Why spend a night in a city that you don’t wish to explore? Some airport stop overs are merely inconvenient. Some commercial flights, particularly in developing countries are subject to delays and alterations, which can severely interfere with you travel plans. With a private jet you can enjoy ultra comfort, no hassle and the unique intimacy of traveling with family and friends.

Private Yachts

Asia in general and Southeast Asia is home to thousands of magnificent islands. My Way Travel is able to provide the ultimate in luxury Yacht travel within the region. We specialise in catering for parties of all sizes and demographics. We will find the perfect vessel for your group, enabling you to sit back relax and soak up the unique experience of life on deck. Whether you wish to go ashore to explore the islands or avail yourself of the vessel’s wide ranging water sport activities, you will never be disappointed. kayaking, sailing a zodiac, jet skiing, water-skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling and diving; the list is almost endless.

Your evenings will be another unique experience as you and your guests dine on deck, enjoying gourmet food and fabulous cocktails. A full complement of professional, experienced staff onboard includes: expert guides, private chefs, diving instructors, nannies, masseuses and any other professional that you require. All are good English speakers.

We have access to literally hundreds of private vessels that are based in Asia. From ports as diverse as Phuket, Bali, Halong bay and Mekong delta, we work with experts to ensure you get the perfect cruise on the perfect vessel for you. We can provide anything from one day charters to long cruises.

But Why Choose Private Yachts?

Southeast Asia’s innumerable islands are crammed full of incredible, interesting destinations. Some are extremely difficult and even impossible to reach overland. On many the infrastructure is poor, making even flying an unrealistic option. Arriving on your own luxury private yacht enables you to reach even the most remote locations. This is simply not an option for many travelers. You have the added attraction of arriving in sublime comfort aboard your very own floating home. For those who love water sports, this is an unbeatable way of spending time in Asia. This is home to some of the world’s most idyllic tropical islands and supreme scenery.

Private Helicopters

As anyone who has ever taken a helicopter ride will tell you, this is one of the most exciting trips you will ever take in your life. Here at My Way Travel we can add to the enjoyment of your vacation, by added helicopter travel to your super luxury travel experience. The bird’s eye views from a helicopter are unrivalled. Imagine the views of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, the karst formations of Vietnam’s Halong Bay or the beautiful Thai islands, from your special vantage point on board your own private helicopter.

But Why Choose Private Helicoptors?

Apart from the breathtaking views provided by a helicopter, this form of transport can take hours off even the most arduous journey. Sometimes, reaching remote hilltop destinations is impossible by any other method. Southeast Asia in particular is full of incredible destinations that most never get to experience. In a helicopter provided by My Way Travel, destinations that would take days to reach, become simply day trips. This of course enables you to return to the luxury of your hotel at the end of the day.