Thailand: Weather & when to go: March

March Overview

March marks the first real rise in temperatures across Thailand, with the ‘cooler’ weather of the first two months of the year slowly disappearing.

In the far north, between the Golden Triangle, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, temperatures slowly begin to creep up and cans sometimes hit the mid 30s. While conditions are still dry, the higher temperatures can prove to be a bit more trying for adventure activities.

Farther south in Bangkok and the central regions of the country, the temperatures also rise, with average daily temperatures in the mid 30s. While conditions stay relatively dry, the high temperatures can make sightseeing a bit more challenging, so be sure to hydrate more often and seek the shelter of shade… and air conditioning!

For those visiting the Khao Sok region in March, expect temperatures in the low to mid 30s. Conditions remain dry, but humidity is on the rise which can prove to be quite heavy in the already humid rainforest region.

In the far south, the higher temperatures are still warmly welcomed, making for ideal beach weather. While the days hover in the high 20s and low 30s, rain is relatively non existent and the waters are warm and clear. On the Andaman side of the south, temperatures are generally a bit higher than they are on the Gulf side, however both offer excellent beach climates. For those planning diving excursions in the south, March continues to offer ideal conditions.

Where’s that haze coming from?

If you visit the north or more rural areas in Thailand during March/April, you may notice a heavy haze drifting over the region. This is due to the farming techniques still practiced in the countryside, known as slash and burn. After crops have been harvested, the land is quite literally set alight, burning off any leftovers in the fields. The ash settles down after the fires, nourishing the lands and getting them ready for the next planting season. The smoke, however, lingers heavy in the air and often obstructs views across the country.