Thailand: Weather & when to go: January

January Overview

For travellers seeking the ‘best’ time to visit Thailand, January often comes out on top. One of the most popular months to visit, weather is enjoyable throughout the country and tourist numbers are at an annual high.

In the north, conditions are cool and dry, which prove to offer ideal conditions for trekking and adventure sports. From the Golden Triangle region in the northeast to the mountains of Chiang Mai further west, temperatures hover in the low to mid 20s, with evenings dropping towards the cooler end of the spectrum.

Further south towards Bangkok, the temperatures are equally as pleasant, though a bit on the warmer side (sitting in the high 20’s). The city experiences relatively dry weather, barring some the usual humidity of the tropics.

Continuing even further south, Khao Sok National Park enters into one of its driest months in January. While this doesn’t always prove to be ideal for wildlife spotting, it is still a pleasant time to visit. Additionally, being one of the wettest regions of the country, Khao Sok also may still experience some rainfall during this time of year.

In the far south, along the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman, the weather is very similar which proves to offer ideal conditions for beach goers. While the occasional rain may fall, particularly in Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, days generally offer ideal beach weather (temperatures hovering in the high 20s). For those seeking to do a bit of diving during their southern holidays, water clarity is peak around Phuket and Krabi.