Thailand: Weather & when to go: February

February Overview

February, similar to January, is another ideal month to visit Thailand, regardless of the destination.

February in the north of Thailand is still a relatively cool period, with temperatures hovering in the mid 20s and very little chance for rain. This month is another excellent time for adventure activities, combining sunny days with bearable temperatures much lower than in the southern part of the country.

In Bangkok, the weather starts to creep up slowly, but is still very bearable compared to some of the months to come. Temperatures still stick around the high 20s and humidity puts a sticky atmosphere in the air. Visitors generally won’t have to worry much about rain during this period, as things stay pretty dry.

In the Khao Sok region, temperatures still stay similar to what they were in January, with February being another dry month. Being a dense rainforest region, however, the area is still bound to get some rainfall, even when things are dry elsewhere. Temperatures in the area are also at a seasonal high during February.

In Thailand south, the weather only improves with temperatures climbing and blue skies a standard for every day. Rainfall is unlikely across the south (even the odd rains of Samui and Phangan have dissipated), and temperatures hover in the high 20s to low 30s. Diving conditions along the Andaman are still ideal (Krabi and Phuket) and warm temperatures make for great beach weather. Straying a bit from the standard are the islands of Koh Chang and Koh Kood, which hug Thailand’s far side of the Gulf. While weather conditions are still idea, the islands may experience the odd rain now and again- but nothing that would spoil a vacation!