Getting to know Chiang Mai

Another of the north’s best destinations in Chiang Mai. A short flight from Bangkok and visitors are dropped off in this northern ‘city’, which has a charming small town feel. Surrounded by lush mountains, Chiang Mai is another great destination for trekking and wildlife encounters, particularly for those who are keen on elephant experiences.

On the outskirts of town, visitors can catch glimpses of the glistening Doi Suthep Temple, which sits atop Doi Suthep Mountain. A shining gold stupa sits at the head of this temple, which is accessed by climbing a steep set of stairs. Wanders around the temple are almost as beautiful as the views available from the top- there is no better panoramic view of Chiang Mai than from Doi Suthep!

Back in town, Chiang Mai has an endless array of offerings, with tons of cultural, contemporary and traditional wonders tucked inside the ancient walls of its central town. Classic Buddhist wats, quaint cafes and restaurants, a huge range of accommodation and great entertainment can all be found throughout central Chiang Mai, a destination that attracts both domestic and international tourists alike. Night markets and weekend markets are a favourite in Chiang Mai, with thousands of people gathering weekly to check out the various offerings lining the city’s streets. Whether staying for 2 nights or 2 months, Chiang Mai has ample attractions to entertain all types of visitors.