Myanmar: Weather & when to go: June

June Overview

June is a major transitional month in Myanmar. Summer starts to fade out, making room for the arrival of the monsoon season across the country. Cooler temperatures start to arrive (particularly towards the end of the month) and the rains become a more common occurrence. While temperatures in the central plains still hover around the mid 30’s, the rest of the country sits steady around 30 degrees.

For those who don’t mind a bit of weather uncertainty, this can be an ideal month to visit as tourist numbers are low and the change in weather brings a much needed cool front across the country. Even when it does rain, the rains generally last for a short period of time, so they don’t prove to be much hindrance to travels. For those planning a beach getaway, get the trips in towards the first 2 weeks of the country as many beach resorts close down by the middle of June in anticipation of the weather to come.