Myanmar: Weather & when to go: February

February Overview

February, again, marks one of the most popular times to visit Myanmar. Temperatures in the lowlands can reach the low 30s while the highlands hover in the mid to high 20s. The entire country is still in the dry season, which means rains are relatively rare. Temperatures are still moderate, though they are increasing from January. With the ever improving weather, however, tourist numbers do increase, making this one of the busiest months to visit the country. For those planning on visiting in February, booking ahead is highly recommended.

In the southern parts of the country and along the coastline, weather is ideal for beach going. The central plains region stays hot from January, although the temperatures are quite easy to bear (particularly compared to the following months). In the Shan State and Inle Lake area, the temperatures have increased, however the evenings are still quite brisk, so a jacket is still advised.