An overview of Ngwe Saung

For those in search of a little relaxation and an excellent beach they can do much worse than choose the 13 mile-long sands of Ngwe Saung Beach and the small village that acts as focal point there. Situated on the west coast of Myanmar on the Bay of Bengal, Ngwe Saung is a thriving (if still small) tourist destination that can offer a range of good and affordable accommodation options and several restaurants that will provide great seafood, as well as other tasty local dishes. By Burmese standards, Ngwe Saung provides a range of modern amenities and most tourists will find the village and its extensive coastline both pleasant and a little less hectic than some of Myanmar’s more chaotic destinations. However, it must also be noted that due to the lack of significant development in the region, Ngwe Saung remains a quiet and relatively uneventful location that those in search of evening activities may find too sedate.

Nonetheless, Ngwe Saung is certainly a beautiful location and it can act as a perfect resting stop between some of the county’s busier destinations. As well as beachside activities, cycling remains a popular option for tourists – including wealthy Burmese visitors from Yangon. The beach is renowned for offering excellent sunsets on clear days and it’s perhaps worthwhile to visit the region before it becomes too popular.