An overview of Myeik ( Mergui Archipelago )

In the very far south of Myanmar is the beautiful and picturesque coastal town of Myeik (Mergui), which is home to the country’s pearl industry and still relatively unexplored by western tourists. The area is also home to the Moken sea-tribe who are a nomadic group that have resided in the area for of approximately 3,000 years and live in stilted houses along the coast. The region offers hundreds of nearby islands that dot the neighbouring Andaman Sea and therefore Myeik can be a wonderful place both to relax and engage in a range of activities including diving and snorkelling. Indeed, much of the area is designated as national park land do to its diverse flora and fauna (it is possible to see sharks and other large marine life) and therefore it remains largely in pristine condition from an environmental vantage point. However, the main town also has lots to offer, especially as it was influenced by a variety of different groups over time, including Muslim traders from India, the Portuguese and the Chinese. As a result, the town was an important seaport for trading fish, lobsters, rubber, coconuts, edible bird’s nests, as well as pearls for which it is famous.  Myeik is town of unique difference and charming stopping point for those in search of both relaxation and a little taste of culture. A visit to TheindawgyiPaya is considered a must-see too.