An overview of Kyaiktiyo and the Golden Rock

The town of Kyaiktiyo is located in the south of Myanmar and famous for its pagoda, which is also referred to the Golden Rock. The Golden Rock is an important site of religious pilgrimage for Buddhists in Myanmar (mainly between November and March). On top of the rock – made golden by the leaves placed on it by pilgrims over time - precariously sits the pagoda structure, which is steeped in mystery and folklore as to how it remains balanced and in defiance of gravity. The rock is now a popular site for many tourists visiting the country’s southern region and it can be spectacularly beautiful during sunset (there are lights that enhance its beauty also).

It is important to note that female travellers are not allowed to touch the rock and that at peak times of religious worship it can be exceptionally difficult to reach this location, so advanced planning is highly recommended. Even during quieter times, there are limited options to reaching the top of Mount Kyaiktiyo, and although most will go via truck some may choose to hike. Although there is little of noteworthiness in the nearby town of Kyaiktiyo, a number of eateries and guesthouses have emerged in recent years and it is now quite accessible from Yangon. This should be considered an important wonder for those who enjoy religious heritage sites in particular.