An overview of Bagan

For those in search of incredible cultural heritage sites in Myanmar, the amazing town of Bagan will rarely disappoint. Located just over 100 miles south of Mandalay, this ancient town offers a number of Buddhist temples that date back up to 1,000 years in some cases, and reflect its significant importance in Burmese history. The most popular attractions are the fascinating temples of Ananda Pahto and Dhammayangyi Pahto, which are both considered to be amongst the most famous attractions in the county. The golden temple of Shwezigon Paya is also a must-see and a place of significant spiritual importance in Myanmar. A view of a sunset or sunrise over this mysterious and ancient landscape will afford visitors an opportunity to briefly step back in time, and it is even possible to see the site by hot air balloon if travel budgets are sufficient enough.

Visitors to the town will also find a market and a small number of shops that sell teas and local culinary offerings that are specific to the area. However, the real of charm of Bagan is that it has remained largely undeveloped in comparison to similar sites elsewhere throughout Southeast Asia. Although the town is still in transition and limited in amenities, it still offers a range of unmissable attractions and should be considered an important stop on any itinerary to the country.