An overview of the Ayeyarwady Region

Located just south of Yangon is the Ayeyarwady Region, which is bordered by the Andaman Sea in the south and the west. Although diverse in scale, it is widely considered to be an important natural environment due to its fascinating array of indigenous plants and animals. Due to its extensive coastline, the region has numerous rivers, mangroves, and beaches and is also famous for its marine life, including everything from dolphins to saltwater crocodiles. The area is considered to be one of Myanmar’s most picturesque regions and it is also an excellent place to take a short cruise or riverboat tour for a truly immersive and relaxing experience. The Hukawng Valley Tiger Reserve will be of interest to those with a passion for wildlife tourism, and it is also possible to encounter both elephants and even bears in the region too. Similarly, in Bogale, the Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary will be of equal interest. However, unsurprisingly, due to the geography of the region, beaches and opportunities to drive are perhaps the biggest attractions for tourists. The Buddhist site, Mohnyin Thambuddhei Paya, will appeal to those with a keen interest in the local culture.