Sample Itineraries

The Southeast Asian country of Malaysia is an incredible mix of modern, multicultural urban conurbations and ancient jungle and rainforest. The incredible melting pot of culture, scenic beauty and urban sprawl, will enthrall you. It is hard to believe that the country that brings you orangutans leaping through the treetop canopy and the one that presents the magnificent futuristic city of Kuala Lumpur with its magnificent PetronasTowers, is indeed one and the same. Dip your toe even further into Malaysia culture and the wonderful aromatic street food and temples of Penang come to mind. Whilst over in Malacca the delightful post colonial buildings ring out each morning with the call to prayer from local mosques.

Take a river cruise to see the longhouses in Sarawak, passing remarkable wildlife en route. Or if trekking through ancient rainforests is more your thing, then Sabah is just the place. Malaysia is one of the most diverse countries imaginable. You will love the wonderful street food, city and rural landscapes and the friendly people. Come to Malaysia and allow your senses to be stimulated, like nowhere else before.