Laos: Weather & when to go: June

June overview

June is typically one the wettest months and although showers will not be too long, they will be very intense during this time of the year. Nonetheless, it is still possible to have dry days during this time and there are also numerous advantages to visiting Laos during this time of year, mainly because fewer tourists will be encountered. An additional bonus is the number of festivals that occur during this time, including the Boun Bang Fai rocket festival (which can sometimes fall in May so please check), Although the wet season may put off some visitors, it does bring many beautiful changes to the landscapes, which become greener and dense with vegetation – particularly in rural regions like Vang Vieng. During this time, average temperatures will fall into the mid-20°C range and therefore offer slightly cooler conditions than normal. As the southern islands also receive more rainfall, this can be an excellent time to view its numerous cascading waterfalls. However, it is important to note that adverse weather conditions caused by heavy rainfall can make some places difficult to visit or even inaccessible (especially Phongsali and Muang Sing).