Laos: Weather & when to go: April

April overview

April can be a difficult month for many tourists due to the exceptionally high temperatures that occur (exceeding 40°C in some locations). Even in cooler regions such as Vientiane or Luang Prabang, temperatures will still average 30°C. Humidity levels will also begin to rise at this time of year due to the impending wet season. Please also note that a ‘slash and burn’ farming approach takes place during this time and this can affect air quality in rural regions in particular. There can be an advantage to visiting in April however, as this coincides with the Laos New Year (called Bun Pi Mai). This typically occurs in early to mid-April and it is important to note that many things close during this time. However, the festive spirits will be high and it is tradition for locals to engage in huge water fights that you are welcome to join!