Getting to know Vientiane

More of a town than a bustling metropolis, any first timer to Vientiane is in for a one of a kind experience. The city can be considered hectic in Laos’ context Vientiane is anything but bustling when you compare it to any other capital in the world.

Situated along the banks of the Mekong, Vientiane is a noteworthy stopover, if time allows.

The city is easy to explore by bike or on foot. The easy pace of this Laotian city lends itself to slow afternoons while sipping delicious Lao coffee while watching the world spin madly on. The local morning market and many city center temples are among the major attractions as well as a number of good restaurants, beer gardens, and entertainment venues. While there are now one or two modern structures in various parts of the city; many buildings are French colonial in origin. It is not surprising to stumble upon a patch of vegetable garden in what you expect as the city center!