Getting to know Pakse

Asia’s hidden gem, Southern Laos is only coming up in the radar of many visitors. A destination that offers charming towns and villages, elephants, Angkor-era temples, towering waterfalls, a laid-back populace and atmosphere, and cool plains; Southern Laos is a definite must.

The entrance to all these terrific travel destinations is Pakse, around a ten hour drive from Vientiane but just a short plane ride, the southern capital is seeing an increase in visitors year in and year out, so the best time is to go now! Once in Pakse, you can easily get to Champasak and the majestic Wat Phou ruins, Tad Fane and Tad Lo waterfalls, the lush Bolaven Plateau, elephants in Phou Asa, and the enchanting Si Phan Don (4000 islands).