Northern Laos

This two week trip is the perfect combination of adventure and cultural immersion!

This wonderful tour starts off in north Thailand, but will soon head into the nation of Laos, where most of the trip will occur. Laos is one of the most beautiful areas in Southeast Asia, and luckily it is not as well travelled by tourists as Thailand and Vietnam. You’ll see a combination of beautiful mountains and scenic farmland. You’ll also get to meet local tribes which will give a truly unique perspective of this region of the world.

Daytime will be spent venturing through different areas in this rural part of the country. And there will be a boat trip down the Nam Ou River. You’ll meet plenty of local tribesmen and their families, and there will be interpreters that can help you communicate and ask questions if you’re curious about their way of life.

After your extended period in the nation’s countryside, you’ll head to the beautiful and culturally magnificent city of LuangPrabang – make sure you make the most out of this wonderful city!

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