Sample Itineraries

How do you describe Indonesia? With over 17,000 islands, 300 ethnic groups and as many languages, this astonishing, archipelago nation has everything. That it has survived as one country is testament to the stoicism and national identity of its remarkable people. This is probably the last bastion of undiscovered beauty on the planet. It is simply too vast to explore it all. However once you start, it is almost impossible to resist its charms. Indonesia has some of the most beautiful terrestrial and marine vistas in the world.

Discover the volcanoes, jungles, beaches and cities that coexist in this amazing country. The Sumatran rainforest is world renown for its flora and fauna, whilst the islands of Lombok and Bali offer pristine beaches and truly memorable vacation hotspots. Other destinations like Ubud, bring the country’s spiritual side to the fore. Whichever you chose, Indonesia will never disappoint.