The Strand Hotel

The Strand Hotel was constructed right at the turn of the 20th Century – it is considered one of Yangon’s original colonial hotels. It is a popular landmark in the area, which has resulted in the street it is situated on being directly named after the hotel. You’ll find the architecture of the hotel to be completely breathtaking, it’s a step back in time to the region’s colonial past.

In 2016, the hotel underwent major work to continue the luxury reputation the accommodation spot is known for. Much of the hotel was restored, and various decorations and furnishings were added to suit the Colonial heritage of the building.

When you first walk into the hotel you will notice the exquisite lobby, which is attached to various cafes and bars within the building. High tea is served, along with a great mix of high-end cocktails and local beers.

Every room in the residence is of a luxury standard. You’ll find beautiful original furniture, luxury bathrooms, and comfortable beds throughout the hotel. There are on hand butlers to assist you with anything you may need regardless of time of day.

The hotel may have a colonial past but this hasn’t prevented it from having all the modern amenities of a Western counterpart. The internal Spa will allow you to relax and receive massages and other treatments while you stay. Make sure to put this at the top of your accommodation wish list if you’re planning a trip to the area.