Savoy Hotel

If you’re looking for luxury in Southeast Asia, the Savoy Hotel should be at the top of your accommodation wish list. Although it has no connection to the Savoy of London, this hotel is just as famous amongst guests in the region. It’s situated right off of Rangoon’s famous ‘Millionaire’s Row’, which has great high-end shopping and dining experiences for tourists and locals alike.

The Savoy is actually one of the more affordable options for high-end hotels in the area. It’s quaint building was renovated in the 90’s to turn it into the current hotel it is today. The designers have done an exceptional job to keep the colonial integrity of the building, as well as traditional furniture items to match the interior.

Although the hotel has a colonial past, it has plenty of modern amenities. There is a private pool near the back garden, and the various lawns and plant life are kept to an impeccable standard year round. Make sure you consider this hotel before making any accommodation decisions in the area!