Belmond Governor’s Residence

If you’re looking to relax in colonial luxury during your trip to Myanmar, there is no better hotel than Belmond’s Governor’s Residence. There is a reason this is named the number one hotel in Yangon year after year. We’ve been recommending this hotel to our clients for years, and we’ve yet to hear a single complaint about the place!

Staying at the hotel is like stepping into a time machine, the beautiful gardens, colonial architecture, and classic style pool make this hotel an authentic representation of the past. All of the rooms are beautiful and decorated with traditional furniture and decorations. Despite the hotel being a historical relic, it has all of the amenities of a first-class institution. The staff are amazing, there is proper heating and cooling, and Wi-Fi is present throughout.

If you’re looking for authenticity and Luxury in the beautiful country of Myanmar, make sure you don’t miss out on this unique hotel!